The Surprising Link Between Health and Wealth


The Surprising Link Between Health and Wealth At Thistle Financial, we interact with hundreds of people all day and understand that it’s easy to overlook the connection between our health and wealth   Yet, the truth remains: our health, physical and mental well-being can significantly impact our financial stability and success.    There is an […]

Estate Planning Checklist

Estate Planning checklist

A Comprehensive Estate Planning Checklist for Canadians: A Step-by-Step Guide When it comes to preparing for your future, and your family and enabling the distribution of your assets as you desire, estate planning is essential. At Thistle Financial, we recognize that numerous activities define estate planning and how crucial it is to have a complete […]

Effective goal setting

effective financial goal setting

Effective Goal Setting with Thistle Financial   The world we are in is very uncertain but the only certain thing is the future. We are propelled to keep going by our faith in tomorrow despite all obstacles. At Thistle Financial, we recognize how essential effective financial goal setting is in shaping your financial future Financial […]

Family Enterprise

family enterprises

Financial Planning Strategies for Canadian Family Enterprises with Thistle Financial   In the Canadian economy, family enterprises serve as its backbone because they are a mix of business and familial ties that create lasting legacies.  At Thistle Financial, we understand what it takes to handle family enterprises, wealth and business interests, and we acknowledge that […]

Estate Planning Checklist

thistle financial

Your Estate Planning Checklist Setting your priorities Have you specified how your assets are to be distributed? Will there be a source of income for your family when you die? Will there be a source of income if you are disabled? Do you know what your income will be at retirement? Do you know what […]